Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dirty clothes

Cloth that aren't mine are gross to me. They can be perfectly clean out of the dryer only worn once and I get all creeped out by them. I don't know why. I realize though that all people have little oddities about them. All people have quirks. Like clothes I don't care for used people. I don't care who the user was but people that have farmed themselves out to drugs sex or other things are not my type. You can wash people better than clothes but it is certainly a case by case thing for me.

Another thing I learned is people's quirks are completely mental! You can be one way in one part of your life and completely defy that in another part of your life. I understand this is everyone to an extent but to much of that I can't imagine is heathy to just allow without question.

How do you see this in yourself though I might ask and my only response is honesty. Bearing your soul makes the halves come together. I have been working on this personally lately. It is difficult as most things are but it is good.

That is where I am left today use honesty with yourself and other because if you aren't honest with others than you still have the whole halves thing going. And be honest to yourself. Today's wisdom is probably broken to most but it makes sense to me!

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