Monday, November 5, 2012

Me Myself and I

Well thats my life right now. Go to work, go work out, eat, sleep and repeat. Talk about dreadfully dull. I no long am able to look forward to taking Kelli out. I don't really have a rush to date anyone else. I am not too big on humoring people I am not interested in. I just drift off and don't listen to a word they say and it is not nice. I have only myself and it is BORING. I like to live with a person. It is better! I have no doubt. I am trying to find events that people of my age and interest will be at. I feel like that is my best hope of meeting people I even want to be friends with. I am come and go on the party scene and typically the girls there are looking for a hook up or just drink away there sorrows. Man is it lonely. I can't even just surround myself with peers. They aren't here. I live weekend to weekend and I guess I will get my alone time in. I don't think I will ever want alone time again after I find a way out of this. I really hope I can go see Kelli! God I would be so much better off if I had some friends in town. The days creep by soooooooooooooooo slowly it is unbelievable.

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