Sunday, November 4, 2012

Open relationship

Well it's interesting. I am not sure how Kelli will handle it. I hope it works I feel like it could be the best of both worlds for us both. She seems interested in dating but I don't feel it is her main focus. I don't know though. I feel like it is best to let here figure it out so I will try not to be as involved as I want but still enough that she isn't a reck. I don't know how I am going to do that but she needs space I know that. I love her but I will go dating myself. I want to be open as well. This is a tricky time for me and her. I hope she finds something that makes her as happy as she was. She was so great then. She still is but the spark she had is gone it feels. Not even our spark, but her spark. I see so much adventure ahead of me and I am ready to live it and I hope u can get her to live some of it with me but regardless have her live it for herself. She needs to live she knows this. I just hope she can be happy!

This weekend. It was good and bad. I meat lots of girls but man did they suck. I am just not interested in them haha I hope to get a date this weekend that I can enjoy at some level even if its not a girlfriend material kinda date. I wanna have some fun and I wanna explore my options just so if Kelli and I don't work out I am not dead in the water. I hope that's not the case but I can't say right now. I need to stay focused on be open and keep living with and without Kelli. As much as I want it to be all with her I will not get that she needs space! She is amazing and I can tell she is super conflicted. She is strong and she will make it. I will help her anyway she ask . Be strong Kelli you have so much to look forward to

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